I am fortunate to have grown up in a majestic mountain town surrounded by nature’s beauty in every form. From a young age, I fell in love with the art found naturally all around me. I have now been blessed to turn this love into a career in floral arrangement.

As a prior party and events planner in Estes Park, Colorado I realized that my love for nature and people could be expressed through floral arrangements. I found myself anxiously awaiting the final floral theme for each event and started to notice the array of colors, textures and personality that each flower had within their arrangements. For me, the larger arrangement is the outcome, but is only as good as each individual flower within. Each flower, petal, leaf deserves attention, just as each part of who we are deserves attention.  Our lives are like an arrangement…made up of many colors, textures and personalities. I believe that I can help tell part of the story of your life through the beauty of flowers.

It is my goal to get to know your story and how you arrived at the event you have blessed me to be a part of. You deserve a florist who will incorporate what is special to you and your family. As your florist, I will want to know what makes your family unique. What traditions, culture, and/or values make you special? How can you help me tell the story of your life through the arrangements I create? It is important to create a relationship with you and ensure that flowers are never a source of stress or concern during your event.

Your job is to soak up the moment and leave the rest to the team you have put together. I am truly passionate about my flowers, but more importantly, I am passionate about serving my clients. Each of you is different and this excites me. Together, we will create a beautiful backdrop for your special event. It is my sincerest hope that someday you will see a hydrangea, a rose, a peony, or ‘that flower’ and happily reminisce on the celebration of marriage, of birth, of life, etc. that brought us together.

I can not wait to connect with you and be a part of your life moment!